Our Programs

Free Tuition Centers

Objective: To help the students coming from lower income families with free tuition and scholarships.

Critical success factors:

  • Teaching, guiding and motivating the students to Improve Academic Performance

  • Continuous Engagement and Involvement with Parents of the Students

  • Upskilling our teachers to adopt digital tools and online teaching methods

  • Providing access to high-quality services and support enabling students to set and reach high goals for learning

Education to Employment

Objective: Assist our alumni and current students to develop vocational skills, essential for their economic security and professional stability

Critical success factors:

  • Upskilling Alumni and Current Students so that they can achieve Financial Independence

  • Creating low or zero investment entrepreneurship opportunities for graduating Shiksha Prayas students

  • Developing sustaining model for Shiksha Prayas to support needs for future education initiatives

  • Leveraging Indian Government initiatives & demand from new age technology job portals

Mentorship - Engage & encourage

Objective: Provide Mentoring, Career Guidance and Targeted career counselling for our current students and alumnus

Critical success factors:

  • Collaborating with Premier Institutes such as IIT Madras for long term mentorship engagements in future

  • Improving awareness among our students about the various career avenues after schooling and providing targeted counselling based on individual career interests

  • Increasing quality and effectiveness by documenting and incorporating learnings frequently from the Mentor-Mentee interactions

  • Identifying and tying up with potential other institutes who can guide our students in achieving their goals


Objective: Provide financial assistance for tuitions, schooling, professional education and vocational training for our students and alumni

Critical success factors:
  • Promoting and supporting education endeavors which further help our students to achieve a sustainable career in future

  • Identifying the right pool of financially underprivileged students to provide financial aid

  • Preparing Students with advising and support

  • Enhancing the operational efficiency of the the scholarship process to speed up the approval process

Brand Ambassador

Objective: Provide a Platform to recognize the efforts of our volunteers, donors, supporters and office bearers

Critical success factors:
  • Initiating Campaigns to reach new donors, volunteers, mentors

  • Providing a tier based system for activities such as volunteer hours, fundraising.

  • Organizing events to promote Shiksha Prayas and recruit potential Brand Ambassadors

  • Continuous learning and improvements by evaluating the contributions from Brand Ambassadors

Education Innovation

Objective: Providing Laptops/Tablets to the students to help with their online education

Critical success factors:
  • Garnering support from our partner organization to sponsor laptops for students

  • Developing digital learning strategy and ensuring student access to remote learning resources

  • Providing high quality and engaging learning content for digital distribution

  • Utilizing easy to use software,navigation on laptops and tablets for students