In 2009 Mohd. Aazam enrolled himself in the B.Sc. Nursing course at Lingayas University, Faridabad. While he was in college’s 2nd year, his family faced extreme financial crunch, the situation was such that he would have to drop out. So, in December 2011 he contacted Shiksha Prayas. Upon learning about his desire to study and his family’s ongoing financial crisis, Shiksha Prayas decided to help him pay his college fees.

Thereafter, he did M.Sc. Clinical Psychology from Gurugram University. In between for one year he worked as a Community Health Officer in Haryana Govt. Next, he started a consultancy firm in Gurugram, it has been a successful venture.

Currently he is preparing for the NET exam. Simultaneously, he is also doing a PhD. in Clinical Psychology from Gurugram University. At night he works at the Govt. hospital. He says,

“The help extended by Shiksha Prayas helped me sail through the financial crisis of 1 to 1.5 years. My family considers Pawan Kamra Ji a farishta. Back then, had he not helped me I wouldn’t have been able to complete my studies.

The selfless help that Shiksha Prayas extends is what inspires me to help others. I believe if someone helps us unknowingly, we should always remember that instance and help others too.”